Mindy- Owner and Community Relations Director

Joshua- Owner and Chief Product Owner

Have you ever had a crazy ambitious idea and just thought to yourself "why not?" - Or maybe you didn't really understand how ambitious your idea was at the time, but still thought "How hard could it be?"


Well we did - and didn't - and that's how Eppley Acres was created. 

The hallmark of Eppley Acres is the large red pole barn that overlooks the 35 acres of field. The pole barn was lovingly doved "The Crimson Mark" when it was first built for storage 10 years ago by Dwayne and Marianne Eppley. When their daughter Molly decided to get married on family land in 2015, The Crimson Mark made its first transformation from storage to venue. Molly's wedding was so beautiful, The Crimson Mark would host 2 more family wedding over the next year before it would return to its original purpose of storage.

The Crimson Mark had sat for a few years, serving its purpose for storage - and now a workshop, when Josh invited Mindy to see the space for the first time. She was immediately enthralled by the sheer size of the building and the height of the ceiling. When she asked about the Market Lights that were strung perfectly across the ceiling, that's when Josh explained to her The Crimson Mark's more glamours past. 

"We could totally do that." Mindy said.

"Do what?" Josh asked.

"Host weddings here!" Mindy explained.

"It really wouldn't be that hard would it." Josh said looking around the building.

Both being very creative and entrepreneurial minded - their idea snowballed from just a wedding venue, into a wedding venue on a Christmas Tree Farm. Josh ordered 1,200 White Spruce and Balsam Fur seedlings to begin their Tree Farm a week later. Mindy began giving tours of the venue before it was even clear of storage.

The ideas continued to evolve until the 4,000 sq foot building was outfitted with brand new bathrooms, kitchen prep area, 2 large outdoor patios, tables and chairs, large onsite parking lot and a custom built ceremony arch. 

Looking back, Josh and Mindy are glad they jumped feet first into their adventure of owning and operating a wedding venue. They continue to add and change their ideas to incorporate the latest wedding trends.


"Not truly knowing what to expect - or what was expected of us - was the best part for me. If I had know how hard this journey would be from the start - I honestly would have been too scared to take the first step. But sometimes a leap of faith is necessary in life to reach your full potential" - Mindy

"I grew more as a person, a craftsman, and an engineer than I ever imagined while taking on this challenge. I learned working 16 hour days and back-breaking work can be the most fun and fulfilling job you can ever have when doing what you love and building your own future.


Now we get to watch loving couples every weekend celebrate with their families the happiest day of their lives! I hope that everyone that comes to Eppley Acres feels the same love and beauty that I do." - Josh

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